Why I’m Here

20 Oct

I decided just the other day that I wanted to start a blog. But the idea of starting a blog in general came simultaneously with the idea of this blog.

Here’s a little background information. I gradated from Stonehill College in 2009 and was released into the worst job market in years. I did all that I could to apply to jobs, to fix my resume, to touch-up my cover letter, to network, etc. But it took months before I got anything. I had some part-time jobs and internships during that year, all of which I got laid off before the year’s end. After months of interviewing, I finally got a job with a global sporting goods company. But with hours of research on resumes, cover letters, interviews, and job-hunting, I had learned a lot about what makes life easier during a job search. Little tips and tricks that I gathered.

Flash forward to now, 9 months after I started my full-time job in February. Recently, I had been helping others with their resumes, cover letters, and job hunt. I realized that I had learned A LOT in the past year and I could use this advice to help others, especially those who are struggling in this job market after slaving away for 4 years in college and spending $100,000 on their educaton in hopes of finding their dream job. This blog is going to have tips, tricks, and advice on a variety of job search-related topics. My advice will come from past and current experience, advice from mentors, from reading other blogs, articles, and books, and accidental discoveries. I have a background in Human Resources and I’m currently pursuing my M.S degree in Organizational Development.

I have a passion for helping others which is why I chose this field and why i wanted to share my findings to the world. I want to keep the blog light-hearted with a professional tone, easy to understand for all while sharing my past mistakes with you to ensure you don’t make the same ones.




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