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4 Nov

There are so many different ways to utilize LinkedIn as a tool to find a job or network with others. I could probably write a whole blog on LinkedIn and its uses alone. But today I’m just going to talk about one idea I recently came across in helping a friend look for a job.

When job-hunting, I was ALWAYS on the look-out for company and organization names (especially local, a.k.a. the Boston area for me) that I could search on the web regarding their vacancies. Whether it be a billboard or an office building near the highway, I tried to get inspired. I know most companies don’t advertise on or, you have to dig to find available jobs. I turned to LinkedIn to see where people worked in my chosen field of Human Resources.

Now, you can buy the professional version but being the broke, recent college grad that I was, I refused to fork over the extra money at the time. But my method proved to be relatively sufficient in finding local companies.  I would type in, say, “human resources” (complete with the quotation marks) in the search bar on the upper right-hand side of the page. I left it on the “people” option usually.

LinkedIn would then bring up people who worked in Human Resources. Most likely thousands. So on the left-hand side, you can choose to narrow the search down by city-area. Then, in browsing through the profiles, I could find companies in my area that would have HR departments. I would check out the company websites to see what was available. I also check out former and present companies of my friends to get more ideas for companies. Maybe this isn’t a “highly-rated” way of job-searching but it worked for me!

Another example: A friend of mine is in the health communications field which is a tough field to find jobs. She was having trouble finding organizations that would have that sort of position available. So I used this search method and found a few local companies that could have health communications jobs. It shouldn’t be your number one way, but it’s a good, new method.


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