Stopping your job hunt during the holidays?

21 Nov

I came across this article on MSN careers about stopping your job hung during the holidays. Certainly an interesting question. 

On one hand, this time of year is the busiest for companies because they are gearing up for next year. It is a crazy time of the year for most people and it may be hard to be as dedicated to your search as before. But it doesn’t hurt to apply to atleast a few jobs. Yes, you may not hear until the first of the year. You may have to delay your interviewing process due to people taking their last vacation days. But when you apply for a job, it goes into the system. There’s no changing that and your application will always be there for companies to see. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is.

The article states there may be an advantage to those looking this time of year because there are many people that stop their search which lowers your competition. And it also shows that you truly want the job. You could also take the opportunity to network during any holiday parties you might have. You never know which crazy relative has a connection into the working world.

Don’t read too much into this. I feel that yes, maybe there is less competition during the holiday job search and maybe employers do feel more generous and happy but truthfully, it is just like any other time of year in this world. Companies want their jobs filled and will fill them if the openings are there. So enjoy the holidays and don’t kill yourself in searching for jobs this time of year. Atleast save some time watch Christmas movie marathons or to deck the halls.


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