16 Jan

Yikes, I’m sorry it’s been so long since the last post. I am finally home from working in Germany for 2 months and then the holidays came with gusto. Now, it’s back to my normal life and routine.

I highly recommend to everyone that if you have a chance to work in a different country, even for a short time, DO IT! It was so beneficial to see another perspective on the workplace (and life in general) even if it is frustrating at times. But I will treasure all of the things I learned and the great people I met in my time there.

Here’s a quick tip for the day. I know I typically create my resumes on Microsoft Word (I’m sure most of you do). When you email them out or apply online by uploading the document, the format can get really messed up going from your computer to another computer and to possibly another computer after that. It’s best to convert your Word document to a PDF file. That way your resume looks exactly like it should. Not with random characters or unwanted fonts. You have no idea how to do that you say?

Head on over to CutePDF and download the free and basic version of a PDF converter. Once downloaded, all you do is click “Print” with your desired resume and change the printer to CutePDF Writer. Instead of printing, the file is converted to a PDF file. Then you just save it and send it out! Really easy and the instructions are on the website.


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