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Why, Thank You!

9 Nov

Ah, the thank you note. Certainly important yet many recruiters report not ever receiving a handwritten thank you note or even just a quick email of thanks from the prospective job candidate. I think it is important to send a thank you note to those who interviewed you and it is another chance to reiterate why you are the perfect fit for a job. It is also good to bring up a subject that was discussed during the interview so the thank you note is not so generic sounding. To make sending a thank you note easier, make sure you get the business cards of those who are interviewing you so you have their contact information.

A handwritten note is nice and adds that extra “oomph” but sometimes a thank you email is necessary because it will get to the recruiters/interviewers far quicker. It also depends on what contact information you receive from them during the interview. Sending a thank you indicates you truly want the job and that you appreciated that the interviewers took time out of their busy days to speak with you. It could be the difference between getting a job and not getting a job if it comes down to a couple of people. Also, make sure you send the note as soon as possible, within 24 hours of the job interview. If you so choose, you could send a quick thank you email a few hours after the interview then follow-up with a real thank you letter afterwards, so it arrives in the day or two after the interview. 

Here are some good thank you note  samples.  As you see, they say why a candidate is a good fit for a job and as I said, it’s good to mention something unique that was brought up during the interview to showed that you actually paid attention. It does not have to be a 3-page letter on why you are so great and thanking them 50 times. Just something short and sweet to show you are truly serious about wanting the job. Also, if 3 people from the company interview you, make sure you do NOT write the same exact note to the 3 of them. They could actually compare, you never know. Try to remember little things about what each person said to include in the note. It may take some thinking but it will be worth it in the end when you receive that job offer call.