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Dear Sir/Madam

12 Nov

It’s really important to address your cover letter to a real person within the company you are applying to (none of that To Whom It May Concern or Dear Sir/Madam stuff). It looks insincere if cover letters are addressed to no one. It may seem difficult but there are ways to find out who to make the letter to, even if it isn’t exactly who is doing the hiring/recruiting for the particular position.

Here are some ways to find that elusive person to address your stellar cover letter to:

1. Research recruiters or HR employees from that prospective company on LinkedIn.

2. Also try the same thing on Facebook or Twitter…you never know.

3. Call the company’s HR department to see who would be the appropriate person to address it to.

4. If you know another employee at that particular company, ask him/her.

5. Simply look at the job announcement if you had found it online. Try various websites that have job searches. Sometimes the contact person is put right onto it.

6. Try to manipulate your Google search with the job title, the company name, and the addition of the phrase “human resources.” You never know what could come up.

I didn’t take my own advice until later in my job search. I actually found the cover letter to the job I’m at currently and sure enough, I had addressed it to one of the directors. It wasn’t EXACTLY the right person to send it too but it seemed to work.

Have a great weekend everyone! I’m off to do a little traveling to Nuremberg which is the closest major city to where I currently am.