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Research, Research, Research

10 Nov

It is so so SO important to research the company you are interviewing for. Throwing around a couple of facts or recent pieces of news can really make a difference during the interview.

When I first started interviewing during my senior year of college (2008-2009), my research consisted of just looking at the company’s mission. And that was it. Yes, that is important but should not be all you should focus on. Take a good look at the website. Is there anything that the company does that is interesting to you and you want to learn more about? That’s something you could mention when an interviewer asks if you have any questions. Google the company. Even check out its place in the stock market (if applicable). If it is a non-profit, make sure you are passionate about its cause or else the interviewer will know if you aren’t. Find out something about the company that may be relevant to your position. Research any changes that could be occuring. If it manufactures a product, learn about it.

Also, it is important to make sure your little facets of knowledge about the company aren’t randomly placed. Exhibit A:

Recruiter: “Why do you feel you would be a fit at Monsters, Inc.”

Sully: “I feel that I scare well enough to belong…So your stocks are now at $50 per share? Cool.”

It does not work like that and it could work against you as the job-seeker. Aim for something like Exhibit B:

Recruiter: “What do you feel you could contribute to Monster’s, Inc?

Sully: “I feel that over the years, my scaring skills have progressed qualitatively. I recently saw an article about Monsters, Inc. that you are looking into a new scaring method for children. I have had experience with this particular method in the past at another company and I could offer this expertise.”

I wanted to make this slightly funny but I hope you understand what I mean when this is translated to the real world. Being armed with a few pieces of information about the company will help immensely in interview and even just in applying. I’ve had interviewers say “Did you see this section on our website?” or “What do you know about what we do?” So be prepared.