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Craigslist-Both Good and Bad

31 Oct

Guten Tag from Germany!

As I had mentioned last week when I posted, I will be in Germany for the next 2 months doing a work rotation. It’ll certainly be a cultural experience along with a chance to work in a different environment. Maybe I will even learn alittle to put onto here! Did you know that in Europe, when applying for a job, you put your picture on your CV? And you include information such as your nationality, age, and date of birth? It is certainly a far cry from the United States where none of the information is included until one is hired and it is considered strange of an applicant does include that information.

Here is a small tip I learned during my job search. Now, Craiglist is a good place to look for jobs but I was always wary and uncertain if some jobs were actually legit. I tried to avoid applying directly through Craigslist but instead I used information from posts as a guide to find jobs on companies’ websites. It was a way to see if a job was actually vacant. I know companies do not post all of their available jobs on their career websites but if the Craigslist posting also did not show up on a company’s website, I tended to avoid it. Unless there was a direct email to send a resume to. Like this example below:

As you can see, this post has a legit email and a website that you can find more information. Some Craigslist postings are vague and those are the ones I would avoid. You definitely have to do a little bit of digging if you see a post that interests you.  Really keep an eye out because you don’t want to be sending your information to a random guy who is looking to prey on poor, innocent job-seekers like you.


Why I’m Here

20 Oct

I decided just the other day that I wanted to start a blog. But the idea of starting a blog in general came simultaneously with the idea of this blog.

Here’s a little background information. I gradated from Stonehill College in 2009 and was released into the worst job market in years. I did all that I could to apply to jobs, to fix my resume, to touch-up my cover letter, to network, etc. But it took months before I got anything. I had some part-time jobs and internships during that year, all of which I got laid off before the year’s end. After months of interviewing, I finally got a job with a global sporting goods company. But with hours of research on resumes, cover letters, interviews, and job-hunting, I had learned a lot about what makes life easier during a job search. Little tips and tricks that I gathered.

Flash forward to now, 9 months after I started my full-time job in February. Recently, I had been helping others with their resumes, cover letters, and job hunt. I realized that I had learned A LOT in the past year and I could use this advice to help others, especially those who are struggling in this job market after slaving away for 4 years in college and spending $100,000 on their educaton in hopes of finding their dream job. This blog is going to have tips, tricks, and advice on a variety of job search-related topics. My advice will come from past and current experience, advice from mentors, from reading other blogs, articles, and books, and accidental discoveries. I have a background in Human Resources and I’m currently pursuing my M.S degree in Organizational Development.

I have a passion for helping others which is why I chose this field and why i wanted to share my findings to the world. I want to keep the blog light-hearted with a professional tone, easy to understand for all while sharing my past mistakes with you to ensure you don’t make the same ones.